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Become a Luxe Insurance Agent

Want to be your own boss? Luxe Insurance Agency offers you the chance to build your own agency…

When you own your own business you live life on your own terms.

As a Luxe Insurance Agent, there is no limit to your income potential. Owning your business means you’re in control of your destiny. If you find yourself frustrated with jobs with no room for personal and professional growth, becoming a Luxe Insurance may be the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

With Luxe Insurance you’re not alone

As a Luxe Insurance, the training and tools necessary for success as a business owner will be available to you. Your business is truly your own. One of the many rewards of business ownership is that after years of building your agency, you have a valuable asset. Since a Luxe Insurance agent is no exception, you can expect to reap the rewards of your hard work when you choose to retire or decide to relinquish the business for virtually any reason. When it’s time to move on, unlike other insurance companies, with Luxe Insurance you may be able to pass your business along to an approved family member.

Lots of drive, not a lot of money?

At Luxe Insurance we’re committed to helping you achieve your entrepreneurial dream. You don’t need a lot of money to get started. In fact, you may have already saved up enough. We’ll provide you with the appropriate structure, mentoring and training to become a Luxe Insurance agent. You will even be able to keep your current job while going through the training phase. Starting your own business couldn’t be easier.

Going strong and growing

Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Troy, Michigan, Luxe Insurance is a respected agency doing business in all 50 States. Luxe Insurance is a national insurance agency, and has been a leader in the insurance industry for over 12 years. A Luxe Insurance agent provides customers with valuable and reliable services, backed by a company that will be here tomorrow and when you are in need.

Every step of the way

As a Luxe Insurance agent, you will work with your customers, letting them know what coverages are available to them through every stage of their lives. Luxe Insurance agents offer their communities Auto, Home, Business and Life insurance products.

We’re committed to a long-term relationship

When you become Luxe Insurance agent, you know that we’re committed for the long run. As we develop new products and open new markets, you will continue to receive training and the support of your district manager throughout the business relationship. As a Luxe Insurance agent you can be sure that the company will always be on the cutting edge of the insurance industry.

Want to know more?

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